Our Address
5000, Rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal, Québec,
Canada H1V 1A1
Website: Hoteluniverselmontreal.com

Tel : 514 253 3365 / Fax : 514 253 9958
Toll-free Information & Reservations:
Email : info@Hoteluniverselmontreal.com

Directions from Toronto
Highway 401 East, exit 40 direction East, Exit Viau Street (#76) South direction. At Sherbrooke, you turn left.

Directions from Highway 87 New York State
Highway 15 North, follow sign for Montreal, highway 15 will change for 132 direction East, exit L-H Lafontaine tunnel, out of the tunnel, you take exit Sherbrooke Street direction West/Ouest (2 miles or 3 km away).

Directions from Highway 89 Vermont State
Highway 133 North, Exit highway 35 North, exit highway 10 West/Ouest, Exit #6 (hwy 132 East), until L-H Lafontaine tunnel exit, out of the tunnel, exit Sherbrooke Street West/Ouest.

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